Gas Company Continues Dismal Record of Lack of Transparency, Accountability, and Communication with Our Community about Gas Leaks and Repairs

Washington Gas Co. continuues its dismal record of failing to communicate with and be transparent and accountabile with our community about gas leaks and repairs beneath and above our streets.

The latest example:  work last week by the gas company on 28th Street, NW near Dumbarton Avenue.  Some the workers were apparently wearing protective gear including oxygen masks.  A fire extinguisher was at the ready on the sidewalk.

As in the past, there was no advance notice from the gas company to the community about what their crews were working on, any potential dangers to residents, follow-up about the nature or success of their repairs, next steps, etc.

How long will the commmunity continue to put up with the continued lack  of communication, accountability, and transparency by the Washington Gas Light Company?


Author: Edward Segal

Vice president of public relations strategies for Return on Investment, Inc., one of the largest advertising agencies in the Washington, DC area. Segal is the former CEO of the Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles Association of REALTORS and the Marin County Association of REALTORS in Northern California. He is the author of two public relations handbooks including Getting Your 15 Minutes of Fame (Wiley) and Profit by Publicity (iUniverse); former marketing strategies columnist for the Wall Street Journal's; and a PR consultant to dozens of corporations and organizations including the Consumer Technology Association, National Association of REALTORS, Ogilvy Public Relations, Ford Motor Company, and Marriott. Visit his website at or contact him at

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